Since the beginning of Russian military aggression, together with the Armed Forces and the territorial defense, a unit of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine has been on combat duty. The intensity of their work, compared to peaceful life, has increased 20-30 times. 24/7 they put out fires, dismantle blockages, fix plenty of damage to vital infrastructure. There is an active replenishment of units with specialists, new ones are being formed.  As a result of the above mentioned events, a critical deficit has appeared both in special protective uniforms, and in special rescue tools and consumables for them.

Particularly critical situation happened to the fire hoses d51, d77. These are the main hoses that our heroic firefighters use to put out fires at the hottest locations.  Their price is 10 times higher now compared to peaceful life. The situation is getting worse due to the fact that the only company that produced such hoses is located in Mariupol and possibly has been destroyed.  Provision has been stopped with the beginning of full-scale war.  During the 43 days of the war, ALL the stocks located in the warehouses of specialty stores in Ukraine were used.  The Ministry of Emergencies may be in a critical situation regarding their full preparation to put out fires.

The purpose of our project is to find the necessary equipment and means for its purchase and transportation directly to the units of the Ministry of Emergencies, which are directly involved in the elimination of disasters.

What our team has already done:

  • Direct contact has been established with the head of the Ministry of Emergencies of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, as well as with almost all district departments.
  • A list of critical equipment has been compiled and approved.
  • 88 units of fire hoses with a diameter of 51, and 5 hoses with a diameter of 77 have been found.
  • UAH 120,000 have been found in Kharkiv.

What do we need help with?

  • Financing the project. The total requirement for MOE units is more than $ 1 million
  • Searching abroad for this equipment and consumables that can be donated as humanitarian aid
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