The award was waiting for its hero!

  • The award was waiting for its hero!

The award was waiting for its hero!

Or, in our case, it is better to say the hero girl Marina - a Rotary doctor.

Marina Borysivna is a member of the Rotary Satellite Club Kharkiv "New Level Universe" and a volunteer of the Rotary Kharkiv HUB. All the work of the medical department of our humanitarian headquarters rests on her fragile shoulders. Without exaggeration, she is brave, courageous and not afraid of responsibility.

When pallets with medical aid arrive at the Medical Center, our task is to READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS and PACKAGE the medicines into GROUPS. During these 427 days of war, probably all Rotarians became a little bit of pharmacists. But still not absolutes. And we have no chance of making a mistake. Therefore, we require additional control from a professional.

And in our opinion, it was Marina who did several unique things for the domestic practice of charitable medicine. It is about the organization:

- a single space, a compact "medical corner" (recall that the total area of the Rotary HUB is 2500 m²)
- technologies for rapid distribution of drugs by groups
- the mechanism of correct and timely provision of reports to donors
- training of other volunteers to form their own "pharmacist brigade"

Thanks to Marina, our medical department works as a single system for the treatment and rescue of Ukrainian military personnel. The fact that today the level of lethality in the AFU is much lower in terms of indicators than during hostilities, say, in Iraq or Afghanistan, is also the merit of this woman from Kharkiv!

So, for the saved lives, patriotism, selfless service, the fighters of the special unit "SMURFS" presented Mrs. Marina with a medal. The awarding ceremony was performed by Volodymyr - the head of the Department of Assistance to Military Rotary HUB.

Congratulations! We wish strength, health and victory to all of us!

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