As of the current date, what's new at Dobrobat?

  • As of the current date, what's new at Dobrobat?

As of the current date, what's new at Dobrobat?

Flowers and smells all around, and  everything in the old way: the hospital, which was under the threat of direct enemy fire for a long time, slabs, PVC panels, a transparent awning, mounting foam, nails, hammers, etc.

Olha Skorova, moderator of work at all major facilities, regularly publishes a "media summary" of the working day. This Monday, Olya said that Dobrobat residents devoted most of their time to restoring light (literally) to the surgical department of one of Kharkiv's hospitals. Because before that, last spring, someone closed the windows with sandwich panels and plunged the operating rooms into impenetrable darkness.

Maybe in order to save glass windows from rocket fragments? It is not known and today it does not matter, because the security situation allows patients to go out with the sun for a date. By the way, our boys did just that: some far-sighted volunteers took sandwiches and paskas, and therefore the whole team enjoyed them right under the trees.

The leader of the cell, Pavlo Filippenko, says that currently there are about 100 active members in Kharkiv Dobrobat. Among them are both professional builders and industrial climbers, as well as people who before the war did not hold a screwdriver in their hands. But they are with us and they like to be useful.

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