Organization of the Humanitarian HUB in Kharkiv.

Tasks of our team:

  • Organizing the place for humanitarian aid reception, reloading and distribution.
  • Creating a network of partner organizations and groups of local activists-volunteers to ensure targeted humanitarian aid.
  • Organizing constant fundraising to provide money for the purchase of food and medicines.
  • Searching for humanitarian aid.
  • Providing the delivery of humanitarian aid in Kharkiv to the HUB.

What we have already done:

  • Since the first days of full-scale war members of the Rotary Club Kharkiv NEW LEVEL and our friends have collected the first 75,000+ UAH from their own accounts.
  • This money was used for the initial purchase of food, medicines, baby formula, etc.
  • Primary assistance was organized for the armed forces, territorial defense and people who found themselves in difficult life circumstances.
  • Four Rotary Clubs of Ukraine organized the supply of chicken meat on a regular basis together:

- Rotary Club Kyiv International, Oksana Tyupa, Dmytro Chorny have agreed to supply Kharkiv with 10-15 tons of chicken meat free of charge every day from ‘Nasha Ryaba’;
- Rotary Club Kharkiv Maltineshnl, Olga Zmiyivska are responsible for receipt.
- Rotary Club Kharkiv, Oleksandr Chupilko, Jozef Bronevskiy are providing space for the storage and the team to work in the Hub (unloading/loading the cargoes);
- Our Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level", Pavlo Philippenko and 7 members of the club are receiving and sorting cargoes, creating a network of sites to help and distribute food products, creating organizations and groups of activists throughout the city.

  • Creation of a group of doctors who work in the Humanitarian Hub.
  • Creation of a logistics team for the search and delivery of humanitarian aid.
  • A reserve fund has been created to pay for humanitarian aid vehicles.
  • A register of products of constant need has been created.
  • Negotiations were held with Rotarians from Finland and Germany for continuous financial and humanitarian aid.
  • A financial accounting system has been created.
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