Finnish car = military trip!

  • Finnish car = military trip!

Finnish car = military trip!

The need for cars for the military is directly proportional to the activity of hostilities and comes in waves. During intense battles, cars are often knocked down and it is impossible to restore them. On average, cars "live" at the front for a short time, from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The most popular cars at the front are pickup trucks or jeeps. This is due not only to the fact that these cars are tall, but also to the fact that they have large luggage compartments. There you can load backpacks, spare wheels, ammunition, food, equipment and other things needed in the war.

We vote FOR MOBILITY of our defenders. So the more cars we transfer to the front, the more lives of our soldiers we will save.

Last weekend, thanks to Alanko Ilkka Antero (a caring citizen of Finland), the "Stormy" brigade received a Toyota jeep. Mr. Alanko delivered the car to Odesa, from where our past president Pavlo Filippenko delivered it to Kharkiv, and then - via volunteer Svitlana - to the front.

Only if you act every day, you will be able to dispel the darkness. Glory to Ukraine!

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Finnish car = military trip!
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