The holidays continue - benefactors are begging us!

  • The holidays continue - benefactors are begging us!

The holidays continue - benefactors are begging us!

Winter is a special period for benefactors. Shrove Tuesday, Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas and New Year awaken in people a natural and sincere desire to help.

But our Rotary HUB has long since switched to the idea of impact investing - investments with the intention of creating a measurable systemic social impact. Because systemic philanthropy and impact investing work for a long time.

This means that our help will continue and Rotary HUB does not plan to close its charitable doors.

Today we are publishing a photo report from the New Year's distribution of sweets, which was held by volunteers of the public organization Vechirni Zori of Kharkiv region.

The children received Roshen TM Lolli Pops. We do not make sweets a "forbidden fruit" and are against complete exclusion from the diet. And since fireworks cannot be set off in wartime, candy is used.

We express our gratitude to the Roshen concern and the Nova Poshta Humanitarian company, which at one time helped us.

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