Grateful, free, peaceful!

  • Grateful, free, peaceful!

Grateful, free, peaceful!

Residents of the village of Bogodarivka, Kupyansk district, which was liberated last week during the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces!

618 people are registered in the Rotary HUB volunteer base. Men, women, of different ages, professions, places of birth and residence, i.e. hometown, village, street, etc. These are dedicated Kharkiv residents who voluntarily deliver dozens of kilograms of food to the needy from the HUB for 7 months in a row.

Someone helps within their neighborhood. Someone - leaves for unfamiliar surroundings. And someone MAKES TIME BOTH HERE AND THERE.

The philanthropist with certificate #60 - Oleksiy Mironov - grew up in the village of Bogodarivka, but due to the occupation, he lost contact with his fellow villagers. For 200+ days, he volunteered where the Armed Forces of Ukraine ALLOWED, but did not lose hope to HELP HIS NATIVE VILLAGE soon.

Therefore, when the UKRAINIAN FLAG was officially raised over Bogodarivka, Oleksiy received a SPECIAL BATCH of humanitarian packages from Rotary, which he delivered to the settlement on the same day. From stew to cereals, from oil to pasta, from tomato paste to salt - strategic, Ukrainian products for Ukrainians!

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Believe in victory! Believe that WE WILL DEFINITELY SEE YOU AGAIN!

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