It's good to live - no one will forbid!

  • It's good to live - no one will forbid!

It's good to live - no one will forbid!

And why, when there is a Pub - Contrabass and an agreement on CONSTANT DINNERS for Rotary VOLUNTEERS?

From the institution, 5 times a week, the HUB receives complex lunches. These are the same reinforced concrete residents of Kharkiv as you and we. After February 24th, cooking, supporting the economy and saving jobs took on new meaning for double bass players. And for their own sake, they opened the door even wider.

We have entered into a cooperation agreement because benefactors are not allowed to skip the main meals. Being "concerned" adults, we continue to adhere to a three-part food system: soup or borscht, a side dish and necessarily a stew.

In order not to be verbose, Natalya Ivashchenko visited the place of events. Today we ate - pea soup, stuffed pepper, croutons and uzvarrr.

Thank you, Pub - Contrabass, for not let us to be influenced by the volunteer rhythm and following the systematicity of dinners with truly homemade food.

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