Wait! I still have tea!

  • Wait! I still have tea!

Wait! I still have tea!

Viktor Medvid once said - the president of the friendly club Rotary Club Uzhgorod-Skala sent a PALLET OF ENGLISH BLACK TEA to the Kharkiv Rotary HUB.

During these 7 terrible months, our relations with the residents of Uzhhorod gained HUMANITARIAN PERMANENCE. The Uzhhorod-Skala club helped us with stew, canned meat, water filters, peas, and 22,000 kg of flour. And now we are gradually GOING TO A NEW LEVEL OF CARGO: today is tea, and in a few days - household chemicals and warm clothes.

We are amazed because one box contains 240 bags for brewing black, strong tea made with blends from the world's largest tea gardens, including Assam leaves and African teas. This ultimate family kit is a PERFECT COMPLEMENT to our basic, humanitarian aid package.

So, let's not waste time talking. The sooner we start packing a new batch of charity packages, the sooner we will get nice photos from the distribution. We are going to people who live in the most affected areas of the city, as well as de-occupied villages.

We thank Viktor and the team of the Rotary Club Uzhgorod-Skala for the long-term, diverse cooperation! Everything will be Ukraine!

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