Humanitarian pallets make banquets in Kharkiv!

  • Humanitarian pallets make banquets in Kharkiv!

Humanitarian pallets make banquets in Kharkiv!

Not everyone can afford a feast during the war. Because, firstly, relatives were scattered around the world, and secondly, total savings due to the uncertainty of the Ukrainian tomorrow.

To be honest, for 209 days, we eat the same thing: cereals, stew, pasta. Because, "strategically and heartily". But for this endurance and constancy, for Ukrainians, in particular Kharkiv residents, Rotary HUB agreed to receive a DELICATE GRACE. Therefore, it is possible to organize a small banquet in a narrow circle.

At the beginning of September, our team RE-SIGNED THE CONTRACT with the international non-profit organization Khalsa Aid International (Great Britain).

We have proven ourselves as a reliable partner with a clear charity algorithm, which is why TODAY we received 2 PALLETS OF CANNED PEAS and TOMATO PASTE.

From the 4 clubs that manage Rotary HUB (Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level", Rotary Club Kharkov Mriya, Rotary club Kharkiv, Kharkiv Rotary Club "Kharkov City") WE EXPRESS words of GRATITUDE to British benefactors: for trust, concern, SYMPATHY to Kharkiv Oblast!

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