Grant Stew: Day 9

  • Grant Stew: Day 9

Grant Stew: Day 9

We volunteer for 217 days without breaks or weekends. Hundreds of packages with dozens of products are being formed on the territory of Rotary HUB. Together with strategic food, we put a piece of our soul inside, because we know what and for whom. We do this with faith in our hearts so that the children live in peace and love, and we face old age in peace.

Throughout September, Kharkiv residents receive from us rice, buckwheat, sunflower oil, vegetables, tomato paste, as well as stewed meat, which we won from the European Union. That is, the Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level" - the leading community of Rotary HUB, won the competition for sub-grants from "Network of 100 Percent Life of Rivne" within the framework of the EU4CSOs Emergency Actions project.

Stew is a very desirable commodity, and sometimes the only source of protein in wartime. It can be added to both first and second dishes, making them hearty and tasty. At the same time, one jar of canned meat can feed a family for several days. We checked - it turns out no less tasty than with fresh meat.

Keeping up with the "here and there" of the Khabu is helped by local, volunteer associations that cooperate for 7 months and, under any circumstances, carry out deliveries #from_hand_to_hand. To date, we have registered 618 leaders of charitable groups. Each of them has fixed a settlement for themselves, which allows you to estimate in advance how much help it is desirable to provide for 1 visit. And we, in turn, always know where we send free food.

So, once again, we appeal to the EU and "Network of 100 Percent Life of Rivne" through these photos and thank you for the generous help! Everything will be full Ukraine!

The publication was prepared as part of a sub-grant of the EU4CSOs Emergency Actions project with the financial support of the European Union, which is implemented by the "Network of 100 Percent Life of Rivne". Its content is the sole responsibility of the sub-grantor of the EU4CSOs project Emergency Actions Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level" and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union.

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