About humanitarian income for local revival!

  • About humanitarian income for local revival!

About humanitarian income for local revival!

Confusion, helplessness, insecurity, chronic stress, fatigue, exhaustion are conditions that every Ukrainian man and woman experiences as a result of the war.

Prolonged hostilities make you despair, because it is not clear when everything will end.

Instead, our Rotary family is not looking for an answer to the question "when will the end of war come?" We're just 24/7 charitably bringing the winning days closer!

By traveling to recently shelled areas, clearing corridors of debris, delivering a humanitarian truck "without traffic jams", conducting negotiations with donors and expanding charitable spaces.

And here on the video - confirmation of the resumption of close cooperation with Finnish volunteers. A few days ago, we received a charity shipment and immediately shot a short report. About how the edible part went to the defenders of Ukraine.

We sincerely thank the Finns for their trust! Let's work together to achieve peace!

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Thanks to close cooperation, another wheelchair was delivered!
Help continues! Ukraine is not planning to surrender!
Thank you Poland for the goodies!