‼️We are looking for a MONEY to deliver a CARGO‼️

  • ‼️We are looking for a MONEY to deliver a CARGO‼️

‼️We are looking for a MONEY to deliver a CARGO‼️

Rotary HUB (Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level", Rotary Club Kharkov Mriya, Rotary club Kharkiv, Kharkiv Rotary Club "Kharkiv-City") is a TRUSTED WAREHOUSE for RECEIVING PRODUCTS from Poland, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden etc.

During the 617 days of the war, we ALREADY COLLECTED ₴4,527,855.

IN 90% OF CASES, WE TRANSPORT FOOD FROM ABROAD INDEPENDENTLY. National cargo is valued in ₴, and international - in $, €.

But our math is simple: $1 = $10.

ONE MONEY UNIT received from Rotary supporters ALLOWS TO DELIVER approximately TEN DOLLARS worth of FOOD to Kharkiv at one time.

For example, last month several tens of tons of PROVISIONS arrived from Lublin to Kharkiv from the Polish branch of the Bidfood Farutex company, which is part of the international Bidfood group. The received goods were distributed among our military, subordinate units, as well as among civilians from the most affected villages and towns.

At the moment, the Polish Bidfood benefactors are ready to provide another 40 tons. So that the DRIVERS step on the gas on the way to us, we ask you to help collect MONEY AT ONE TIME!

‼️But we are for any "action"‼️ You can support the Rotary community with finances, fuel, communications.

Write in personal messages to our past president Pavlo Filippenko - he will tell you how you can help us.

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