Bahmut = babahmut!

  • Bahmut = babahmut!

Bahmut = babahmut!

Artillery stands over the city. The whistling of shells echoes off the walls of burned-out high-rise buildings and private neighborhoods.

According to yesterday's report by Oleksandr Syrskyi (commander of the Eastern Group of Forces), the Russians have increased the intensity of shelling from heavy weapons, started using more advanced equipment and are regrouping troops.

This shows that the occupiers still hope to capture the city by May 9. In one day is something like "Kyiv in 3 days".

Let them prepare for failure. Ukrainian COSSACKS WILL STOP ANY INVUSATION! While the team of Rotary HUB - still DESIRES for the boys a HUMANITARIAN IDEAL!

Thanks to our partners, in particular the Polish branch of Bidfood Farutex in Lublin, as well as the New Zealand office of Bidfood NZ, we sent a new batch of healthy treats to 0: honey, jam, canned pineapples and peaches, cookies, milk, cereals. Water, coffee, and tea supplies were also replenished.

The war around Bakhmut is literally a war for square meters. A war of tricks and new tactics. But the city, which Russia planned to seize in the summer, continues to stand under the Ukrainian flag. The occupiers are dead, because the Armed Forces of ukraine are here!

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