Our victories on March 29!

  • Our victories on March 29!

Our victories on March 29!

PR committee

Advertising works, you can see us! Comments, reposts, likes!
We need to focus on feedback from those who have supported us on social media. People communicate and help people. We are preparing the second article!
Adding one more person to help from Rotaract.

Logistics Department
- Met beads with medicines from Switzerland. We thank the Kviten Charitable Foundation Kviten Association, Anna Goflin and Sergey Elizarov for such a valuable cargo!
- In Lvov, by contact Irina Ivanova, we were loaded by the International Fund "Volunteer Association" Kryla "", thank you for your help!
- from Rivne a truck at the entrance to Kharkov at the contact of our club member Pavel Filippenko
- according to the contact of Ivaglo Sergey, a truck of valuable humanitarian cargo was loaded in Lviv
Permanent partners are planned for the delivery of humanitarian aid, 1-2 trucks per week. The euphoria has passed and already in an ordinary voice, our logistician Yaroslav tells us such amazing news!
Just imagine, a couple of weeks ago we did not know where to get and how to deliver at least some amount of cargo, now it is more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid, which we are transporting and distributing in Kharkov!

The warehouse has its own logistics: meet, unload, distribute and not confuse the goods!
- A bus from Rakhiv from Jozef Bronevsky and Slipchenko Oksana arrived, unloaded. Thank you fellow Rotarians!
- Truck with chicken, unloaded and distributed. We thank TM "Nasha Ryaba" for continuing to feed Kharkiv! After a short break, three trucks have already arrived.
- A car with pasta purchased with district money arrived, unloaded. And the machine with peas from our partner and friend Maxim Cryptofamily is also in place!
- a cargo arrived from Olga Zmievskaya, received it! Thanks for your hard work!
- The medicine from Switzerland has been unloaded and has already been delivered to hospitals!
- Bus from Poltava arrived

Today we will separately tell about our activist @Pavel Filippenko Pavel Filippenko!
Firstly, in addition to working in a warehouse, he manages to speak at a zoom conference with American Rotary clubs. Where he successfully presents the work of HABA in English. He wins over our American colleagues and receives a letter of gratitude and a desire to cooperate and be friends!

Secondly, Pasha manages to give an interview to a Polish writer about the situation in Ukraine. From a man who could leave with his family, but stayed at home and helps his city, country, people to survive and win! To say that we are proud of our friend is an understatement! Pasha, we love you very much, we are ready to go further with you shoulder to shoulder!
The window glazing project continues to work. 36 windows were replaced with sandwich panels in 17 city hospitals. Jozef Bronevsky helps us a lot in this project.
The mother of our teammate Maksim Shablo went around 12 families in her area and distributed humanitarian aid collected for these families at our HUB.

Sergey Sidorov got acquainted with the humanitarian HUB in Pervomaisk. The guys have their own website. We also thought about ours! This is important now! The trip turned out to be productive, and Mommy also baked pies, handed them over to us at the HAB. Tomorrow someone will be delicious!
Thanks to the personal connections of Artyom Zakharov, 40,000 hryvnias were collected. They bought 41p Berts. As well as
We bought and handed over 40 unloadings to the TRO) Artyom, you are our hero!
We are tired, it is felt in the communication in the evenings at the meeting, but all as one are ready to go forward! Everything will be Ukraine!

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Finnish car = military trip!
Gel antiseptic - the opponent of diseases!
Medical support of brothers - charitable commanders!