So it was also possible?

  • So it was also possible?

So it was also possible?

We can do a lot in Kharkiv, we will tell you so. The main thing is to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

This is how the meeting with fellow philanthropists should be described:

- Ostapenko Sergey and Pasvin Ivan International Charitable Foundation "Alexander Feldman Foundation"
- Hawaiidzhi Konstantin Volunteers of the Red Cross of the Kharkiv region
- Andriy Kiriyenko, Plate NGO 
- Pavlo Filipenko, Natalia Ivashchenko, Ivaglo Serhiy Rotary Club Kharkiv New Level

Individually, everyone is proud of their work and has "star numbers" (evaluated in people who are constantly provided with humanities):

- Red Cross - 100,000
- O. Feldman Foundation - 30,000
- Rotary Club - 30,000
- NGO Plate - 25,000

But if united, it will be almost 200,000 Kharkiv residents and reach a new level of functioning within:

1) bringing mutual humanitarian aid into the legal field
2) creation of a single database and bringing total order in the distribution of aid
3) improving negotiating positions with patrons and donors at the local / international level

It is too early to say about the official establishment, but the first step has been taken. That is why we are looking forward to the details of the Kharkiv Humanitarian Hub Association.

Remember that you can always support us with donates.

Our details
NGO "Rotary Club Kharkiv" New Level "
USREOU code 44320498
UAH: UA083052990000026007003608610
Dollar / Euro: UA093052990000026000013607493

You can also donate to a bank card:
4441 1144 5088 0909

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